The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah

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• Creative ideas for beautiful decor

Dear Proud Parent,
Remember when you first held your child in your arms and promised to take care of them forever?  You would give them the world.
As your child grew you watched their milestones with utter delight and promised yourself you would celebrate each one. Next thing you know, you are receiving your child’s bar and bat mitzvah date two years in advance and the butterflies in your stomach begin to flutter with excitement (and a bit of OY VEY, now what?)

Planning a birthday party can seem like a piece of cake compared to the magnitude of planning a bar/bat mitzvah. Your feelings will flip from 'OMG, this is going to be so much fun' to 'OH NO, I'm scared I will forget something'.  The ups and downs can have you feeling like you are riding a rollercoaster and worse yet, have you questioning your abilities.   And then there are 'the numbers', everything from the number of guests you will invite to 'how much is this going to cost'?  You are not alone, this is a normal part of the process. 

You are smart but the truth is…you don’t know what you don’t know.   Here are a few things that my clients have needed help with and I wonder if you are thinking about these things too?

o When do I need start planning things?
o What should I do first?
o I don’t want to be over the top but I want it to be really nice.
o Who do I need to hire and why?
o How much is this going to cost?

You even called a few friends for advice and their ‘support’ has you feeling more overwhelmed. Where should you turn? Who should you trust?

What if you could simply download all of the advice you needed from a compassionate professional event planner?  What if you believed you can handle everything with ease and were able to confidently  enjoy your event?  What if you were 'feeling the love' throughout the process?
I help overwhelmed parents make decisions to create memorable events!

Hi! I’m Susie Mordoh, Owner of Greater Than We, an award-winning event planning company in New York and I create moments for people to 'feel the love'. I am also the author of YOUR DAY YOUR WAY: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Over the years, I have produced hundreds of events and regardless of the size and scale the process stays the same. My clients are often heard saying ‘Susie, I am 'feeling the love’ as they head home from their child’s celebration.  That is because we have carefully thought through each detail by reverse engineering the process.

Naturally, not everyone has the opportunity to hire a planner,  which is why I created this step by step guide with you in mind. I want to share my experience as a parent and a planner because I know how important this milestone is for you and your child. It is hard to believe that the  little baby you held years ago is going to be 13 before you know it.  It's ok, don’t stress!

When I was planning my daughter and son's bat and bar mitzvahs, respectively, I was where you are now.  I wanted my party to be great but was not sure I could afford great. However, I didn't want to settle for something I didn't want, so I had to do a lot of leg work on my own. There wasn't a trusted resource I could to turn to, so when I began to write this guide, I was thinking of what would help you most.  And now I'd like to share some of my experience with you...

The truth is, the number one way of reducing overwhelm is to take action.

Hiring an event planner can be very costly. This guide will give you the benefit of my years of experience to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Think of it like having me in your back pocket whenever you have a question. 

Here is your chance to reduce any anxiety you might have around the process of planning your child's bar/bat mitzvah.

Imagine months from now, you have your game plan, you feel great about your choices and you have saved THOUSANDS of dollars by doing things yourself. 

How would it feel to be able to be FULLY PRESENT at your celebration enjoying your family and friends? Pretty great, huh? So, let’s get to that place by staying ahead of your timeline by investing in YOUR DAY YOUR WAY: The Ultimate Guidebook to Planning Your Child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah 

Still not sure if this can make the difference, how about you take a look at what some of my (once overwhelmed) clients have said about what it was like to work with me. 

My reputation is one of my most valued assets, here is what's being said... 

Susie helped me plan the perfect Bar Mitzvah for my son. She was so easy to work with and kept me on track the entire time. I never felt rushed or bombarded with decisions and knew she wouldn’t forget a thing so I didn’t have to worry. Additionally, she always helped me decide what extras were worth it and what were not. - Marcy Levitan (Zachary's mom) 

We couldn't be happier than we are with the way all of the details came together and were handled by Susie Mordoh for our daughter's bat mitzvah brunch. Having two working parents in our family, we felt so lucky to have Susie atop all of the moving parts that came together so nicely for us on the big day.  She took the time to understand exactly what our daughter and we had hoped for and envisioned and helped bring it to life just as we had imagined. We are so thankful that she played such a valuable role in this special event for our family. We "FEEL THE LOVE" - Aly & Mike Levine (Charlie's Mom & Dad)

The first moment that I spoke to Susie, I could tell that she was exactly the person that I wanted to help me navigate the seemingly overwhelming process of planning a party for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. She was warm, joyful and supportive throughout and helped us stay true to our vision. It didn’t turn out to be so overwhelming with Susie keeping me on task and helping me prioritize. In the end, the party was exactly what we hoped it would be and it exemplified our values, our son and our family. I could not recommend her more highly! - Julianne Metzger (Eli’s mom)

As two busy working professionals, neither of whom know much about party planning or details, we hoped Susie would get us through the experience painlessly and happily.  Susie worked tirelessly with creativity and originality--asking the questions we didn't even know needed to be asked and connecting us with all the pieces of the puzzle. She truly made our son's Bar Mitzvah into one of the most special moments of our lives. Everyone is still raving about how unique and special Max's party was--and Susie made all of it come true.  - Tracy Shevell (Max's mom)

I know it's cliche, but I literally did not know what I would have done without Susie Mordoh helping me with my daughter's bat mitzvah. The passion she brings to each project, based on her calling to feel the love, carries through to every minor detail. Her approach is thorough, flexible, non-judgemental and efficient. I felt I was in the best hands from day one and I was right. It proved to be an unforgettable (and stress-free) evening for our family. - Amy Oringel (Sydney's mom)

"Feel the Love" aren't just words for Susie Mordoh. Susie connects with each family member ensuring that your event will be one that creates lasting memories for everyone involved. As a working mom, I don't know how I could have planned my son's Bar Mitzvah without Susie and her team of experts. Her personal passion and attention to detail are unmatched. Her warmth and energy are contagious, making planning almost as much fun as celebrating. My son loved every minute of his big day. . . .what more could you ask for as a parent?! - Caryn Steinert (Gabe's mom)

"Truly magnificent planning, guiding, nudging, reminding, counseling, calming, inspiring, dealing, making it happen and of course FEELING THE LOVE. Perhaps more important, to towed the ever-so-fine line between classy elegance and over-the-top (with an added dash of whimsy and kid-friendliness). You made it special, and you made it ours. Thank you - Dave Poritzky (Sophie's dad)

Susie Mordoh was unbelievable & I knew she would be from the second I met her. She has an incredible energy that makes you feel excited and also reassured. She guided us through the entire process. She made sure I was up to date with anything I needed to do. She connected us with all the right resources. She really listened to us as to what we wanted for our event. She had the most creative ideas and put together a most fabulous party! I will surely be working with Susie again for each of my next child’s mitzvahs. She is a phenomenal event planner and a really terrific person! - Beth Miller (Matthew & Justin's mom)

I can't say enough about how amazing Susie was in helping plan my son's Bar Mitzvah. My schedule at the time was very hectic and I had little time to plan the kind of party I was envisioning. Susie came along and seamlessly pulled it all together. Her eye for detail, patience and overall peaceful, loving manner made planning the party completely stress-free and fun! - Jessica Semegram (Devon's mom)
Here is what's included in
The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah
20 chapters detailing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Process
which include budgeting advice, how to best manage your vendors, creative decor ideas and great party favor choices to name a few

75+ pages filled with information guiding you from start to finish
 think timelines to keep you ahead of schedule, practical contract advice & beautiful photos that will leave you inspired to produce your day, your way

8 workbook pages guiding you through the entire timeline & budget
downloadable worksheets make things easy - list organization, candle lighting, table assignments 

8 YouTube videos offering event tips & personal support from me, Susie Mordoh
these videos will talk you through some of my most frequently asked questions

 Advanced issue found
BONUS: 5 tips to make you invitation-ready + timeline outline
plus Budget Boosters, Nuggets of Love, my Pinterest Boards and more 
This Ultimate Guide breaks down the process of planning your event into simple steps while providing downloadable worksheets and insider tips to creative details. 
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